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Path of Exile Endgame Map Discuss

I understand the replies, they’re thoughtful and constructive. My experience after 1000 approximately maps is the fact that I don’t internet positive gains. I have researched Elder influence, traded for maps within my best quadrants, I merely expend my maps and finish up running 7/8/9s.

Peterlerock, I respect your point of view around the Path of Exile. Are you able to, I question, consider the way the game results in whenever you simply run maps again and again and also over also it simply peters out (no pun intended) without any progress? It does not encounter in my experience nearly as good game design. Beating an amount, only to need to return and redo previous levels... how’s so good design? Should you lost, sure. However, you beat an amount, and therefore are sent backward? What?


I realize the requirement for a non-ending endgame but maps do not feel as an afterthought that’s optional finishing the sport. Beating the shaper does. Yes, I possibly could purchase protector maps until I lower him, but RNG is RNG and that I would need to RMT to do this. I do not RMT, therefore, it is just a stalemate.

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How can it be better? Plenty of ways. Make maps 100% drop from bosses for the following greater tier and non-tradeable, and every time you defeat the atlas and beat the shaper it resets and also the whole factor is harder like shaper orbs and poe chaos orbs however with elevated drops. Voila. Endless progression, however, it does not make finishing the Atlas a huge bet on RNG luck drops.

Many thanks for that constructive replies, I believe I’m completed with this, and will not be departing reviews that are positive for other people based exclusively on this awful endgame mechanics. Hopefully, the following expansion relies more on the initial game and never the whack-a-mole travesty that Atlas of Worlds is. Best of luck and good hunting all.


First, a number of reds prove what? I have run dozens. Acquiring a T11 map means what?

For kinds of players, what about ones who wish to really fight the sport, not corner the poe currency marketplace on some odd commodity, to haggle along with other traders to advance...


Ok, simple question. I suppose I’m a fairly normal gaming player. You will find all sorts, yes, only one who plays games to battle the task from the mobs/level, progress a personality. That you will find probably the most fundamental type. It is the core of just about all action games, any platform, available.

GGG provides an endgame where you need to stop fighting the sport and only be a trader/collector simply to take part in the normal game. So how exactly does this seem sensible? Beating the bosses nets you nothing if you do not obtain a random drop. You are able to play perfectly, and finish up back fighting pointless T8 bosses who could easily get you to T13... simply to drop back and fight T8 again.


So, you listed off all the kinds of players. Let me know how this game model suits probably the most fundamental variant. They would like to challenge the sport (not operate a spreadsheet to find out where bargains are to allow them to get money and purchase maps) and progress? This model appears suitable for anybody who does not really benefit from the challenge from the first 10 functions, and desires something different... so how exactly does this make sense at all?

The person you thanked stated, and that I quote “However affiliate with yourself on the sports design factor”


The easiest response is this is not a game title for those people, yet a realistic look at the very first 10 functions fits within normal gaming archetypes, only to get replaced using the whack-a-mole variant. Do Tier 8, now Tier 9, now Tier 10, 11, 12, oops to T8, now T7, now 10, now 11, 12, 13, oops to 8.

Enjoying games is subjective, sure. However I would argue no obvious progression, everything according to RNG is really a garbage design.


Let’s suppose you beat Act 9, and also you click on the portal for Act 10, also it states “Not a chance, play Act 8 again, and you’ve got singleOr15 opportunity to access Tier 9, by which situation you’ve got a 1/25 opportunity to access Tier 10.”

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