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Warmane Class Guide - Death Knight Blood Tanking

Hey, bros, welcome to my Kinja blog, I want to introduce you my great Death Knight Blood Tanking guide, and I think this build would be very helpful if you don’t know much about Warmane now, that means you are a newbie to this game, and if you are, just let me help you:)

This is actually the Blood tanking guide I compiled in my guild from various sources after which altered/added that which was needed to be along with moltens own peculiarities. just thought I’d publish this here so I haven’t got to repeat myself one hundred occasions whenever someone posts “need assistance with DK Blood tanking?”

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(in response to 3xplor)

  • IT- icy touch
  • PS-plague strike
  • HS-heart strike
  • DS-death strike
  • HOW- horn of winter
  • DND- death and decay
  • DC- death coil


The Blood DK tank may be the hardest tank to experience effectively.This is due to the continual need to concentrate on all of your spec’s details to be able to increase your tanking ability. I will not lie - this could become overbearing at occasions for novices, however with practice, it’s something will start to do without thinking. Like a DK you will see that your tanking abilities have fairly short cooldowns - which means that unless of course, you’re saving these to a particular reason for an encounter you ought to be with them proactively.


DKs tank in Frost Presence, always.

(DK’s should make use of a slow DPS weapon to tank with. even while a dual wield frost tank. I see lots of new DK’s using 1h tanking weapons within the frost tree to tank with. This can be a common mistake. this is because all tank weapons possess a fast speed, and also, since most our abilities scale from weapon dmg, this greatly lowers their threat. The general rule when selecting ammunition to tank with would be that the slower the rate and then the greater damage(not DPS the particular damage the weapon does)the greater threat you’ll produce. though if you’re well geared you can easily about pull off utilizing a slow primary hands weapon and fast tank offhand weapon)



Runes and Runic Power

As with every facet of the Death Dark night class runes and runic power are the answer to tanking effectively. There’s a couple of points to consider:

- You have to keep the Blood runes on cooldown whenever possible to keep Blade Barrier ready to go.


- Rune Strike is really a primary supply of threat, you will have to make certain you’ve enough runic power at any time to make use of this ability as it pertains up.

- Icebound Strength is the most effective tanking cooldown in many situations and charges you 20 RP to make use of. Many tanks like to keep enough RP open to make use of this ability if needed.



As you know Runeforging for any DK is essentially a totally free weapon enchant. These enchant have to date been more suitable to individuals offered by enchanters Just like normal enchants Runeforge works with temporary enchants for example oils and Windfury. You will find only 2 common selections of Runeforge when tanking,


Rune from the Stoneskin Gargoyle grants 25 Defense and a pair of recent Stamina. The purpose to notice here would be that the enchant provides 25 Defense, not 25 Defence Rating, this can go a lengthy way towards helping a brand new tank achieve the Defense the least 540 (689 Rating) as well as give them 3% avoidance via this Defense boost(1% dodge, 1% parry, 1% opportunity to be missed).

Swordshattering 4% Parry and reduces disarm affects by 50% on the 2h-weapon.

If you’re already defense capped then your distinction between the two runeforging’s is the fact that Stoneskin Gargoyle provides 1% less avoidance but 2% extra health than Swordshattering


Another interesting factor about Runeforges is they don’t count for the diminishing returns on the given condition, so using the Parry Runeforge won’t count for the diminishing returns you have on Parry Rating.

Why Blood?

Blood has got the most user-choice, with lots of raid buffs and new ways to spec.


This will make Blood fun in ways you are able to personalize it greater than another tree. You are able to spec into raid buffs, or single-target threat, or survivability. Blood has some really effective tanking abilities with short cooldowns, and at the disposal of somebody that knows what he’s doing could be a very effective tanking tree.Blood also offers excellent single target threat, though its multi-target threat is missing when compared to frost or unholy trees. And if you want to finish this Blood Tanking, you’d better buy warmane outland gold, which would be the fastest way to get money in the game, I highly recommend that you choose to buy wow warmane gold from R4PG - the most popular MMO Game Service supplier!


Blood’s rotation must be more flexible because Death Strike and Rune Tap will heal you, and really should both be utilized regularly, but use runes you’d otherwise invest in damaging in charge. You should utilize heart strike/icy touch initially to obtain your threat lead against DPS, then once you’re easily ahead you can begin to self-heal.


(Blood is simpler to experience with 26 expertise skill since you can reliably use more heart strikes.)

Single target, opening rotation



Ongoing SELF HEALING rotation



(you can toss in a electricity in the finish from the rotation for those who have lots of rp along with a free gcd or 2. but under no conditions, if you work with electricity whether it means that you cant use rune strike whether it all of a sudden pops up. usually the only time you’ll use death coil is if you’re the OT and never being hit which means you cant rune strike)



Keep in mind, rune tap and death strike’s priority rises greater if you have less health. The below presumes you are not going to die. Also, it is a since 5% damage reduction from blade barrier is much more important than threat moves.


1- Frost Fever

2-Blood Plague

3-Heart Strike

4-Death Strike



This presumes you have runestrike macro’d onto every ability

#showtooltip <ability name>

/cast !Rune Strike

/cast <ability name>

it should read something like this

#showtooltip Heart Strike

/cast !Rune Strike

/cast Heart Strike(Rank 6)

(the! mark before runestrike stops you from toggling the power off whenever you hit runestrike again)



The very best general-purpose glyphs are:

Vampiric Blood (mandatory like a tank)

death strike (for threat, doesn’t effect self-healing)

Rune strike. (for threat)

(optional) dark command

(A 2h DK has 2 hit caps, 8% for that melee and 17%gifted for spells. In Blood the only real spells really used are icy touch and dark command, The Dark Command glyph ensures that you won’t miss a taunt with simply 8% hit rating)


For advanced tanks:

Glyph of Rune Tap could be useful if used intelligently(particularly with an add-on like grid)


Glyph of Disease might provide you with a much more comfortable rotation. It is a playstyle choice but has slightly less strong threat than alternatives.

Glyph of Anti Magic Covering, this isn’t suggested, but without having threat issues it may replace a danger glyph for a little more dmg reduction



Sigil of insolence is the best option here. the of tanking sigil is slightly better but it features a longer ramp-up time. and therefore in many fights, you won’t obtain the optimal use from this.but if it’s an upright tank fight in which you will not need to move or perhaps be interrupted then you’re of 1 will improve



Meta Jewel- Austere Earthsiege Gemstone

For each other slot, the Solid Regal Zircon is usually the best choice unless you’re under defense cap. The main one red slot you’ll have to fill for the meta to operate is basically your decision as it’ll make little difference. (Dodge and parry are usually poor stats to jewel for because of diminishing returns. also if you’re tanking icc the 30% health bonus makes stamina gems the very best undoubtedly.)


(Edit- by albert000

About Gems:

Stamina stacking is the greatest as u stated, but u may also respect some sockets having a blue jewel & 9 stamina like a bonus, 10 dodge 15 stamina versus 30 stamina, for instance, becomes 10 dodge versus 6 stamina ...


anyways gems that can be used if u want to respect sockets are:

blue = stamina.

red = dodge + stamina, expertise + stamina, str + stamina.

yellow = hit + stamina, defense + stamina. )

Stat Priorities:

Stat priorities for defensive tanking could be summarised as Defense (before you hit 540) > stam/Armor > dodge > parry - Parry is a nice poor stat for DK’s once we hit the diminishing returns onto it extremely fast because of powerful deflection.


Hit/Expertise are wonderful tools that will help you push the threat, however, your primary priority is tanking, and even though as being a threat rocket is excellent.- if you cannot survive the battle and provide healers something to utilize the battle won’t work well. Just make certain you’ve sufficient stats to outlive the encounter before you begin gearing entirely for threat.

When searching at regardless of whether you require more threat or even more avoidance gear there’s an over-all rule that in tanking new encounters its generally more helpful to possess more defensive abilities than the usual threat, because it enables for any couple of more mistakes out of your healers and yourself without you death. The best way around the requirement for both threat and defensive power is to possess a handful of gear configurations, one for top threat and something for top avoidance. eg: you may carry two neckpieces, one with hit and expertise and yet another with dodge and parry. It doesn’t generally need you to carry 2 full teams of tanking gear around, sufficient to push your stats in either case.



Optional Talents


3/3 Improved Runetap

(runetap is almost useless with no 3/3 improved)

many people state that some points in listed here are wasted as it is the healer’s job to heal you, not yours, Personally, I only say it’s everyone’s job within the raid to make sure an effective raid. Which skill has saved my existence more occasions than I’m able to count? Getting this Oh **** button which will restore 20% or even more(with raid buffs or vampiric Blood) of the health every thirty seconds is priceless. Sometimes **** just happens, so when it will this skill often means the website wipe or boss kill. The only real time you need to maybe consider not implementing this really is for those who have serious threat problems. Then these points may be better spent elsewhere.


Mark Of Blood

Yes, I understand this really is mainly a PVP talent. However, if you simply possess a indicate have fun with the place it for just a little better survivability. Also because it appears to proc on all dmg in charge does. even aoe’s, you are able to really make use of this to help keep others alive another or 2 longer for that healers to trap up, you’ll need grid or something like that enjoy it so that you can judge when better to make use of this. But to become honest this isn’t so good of the tank talent and shouldn’t be used unless of course you’ve ample threat along with a indicate have fun with.


Abominations Might

Appears such as this talent is really optional as 2 other classes bring this buff to some raid plus they don’t stack. the 2 % corporation strength from it’s kind of helpful though


Unleashed Rage (Enhancement Shaman talent)

Trueshot Aura (Marksmanship Hunter talent)

EDIT- it appears you will get this buff to stack with true shot aura should you spec from it and back to it while getting a hunter using the true shot nearby. though this really is most likely considered an exploit so it’s done at the own risk



This can be a really helpful buff. For those who have threat problems, you are able to cast this on yourself, just like you begin the battle, for any great threat increase for thirty seconds. Without having threat items you can cast it on the Feral Druid, rogue or warrior mainly. They’ll adore you for this.


Might Of Morgraine

since like a tank you’ll have a really low crit chance you are able to put these points elsewhere



You need to only put points in here should you frequently need to hold aoe threat on greater than 3 mobs at any given time. otherwise, it’s not that helpful whatsoever



since a DK has 2 hit caps this is often a very helpful talent to create your spell hit cap lower to simply 14%(eleven percent if raiding having a shadow priest). However, like a Blood tank, the only real 2 abilities that need the greater hit cap are Icy Touch and Dark command so although this is not essential it’s still quite helpful. However, if you simply have glyphed dark command then there’s little need to take this, unless you’ve threat difficulties with around 6%- 9% of the Icy touches missing( presuming you’re melee hit limited to 8%)


Spell Deflection

This talent has become being employed as intended but might not be as helpful as it can look initially because it only procs on direct dmg spells not aoe or elemental weapon strikes. Though without having threat issues along with a couple of suggests have fun with it may be slightly helpful. Though in icc Prince Keleseth may be the only boss it’s very helpful on


The remainder of this will depend on your gear and just how much threat you’re producing. For those who have ample threat feels liberated to have a point or 3 from DPS talents to experience with. For those who have threat items you must take what exactly from Runetap/Improved Runetap for DPS talents.


They are talents I frequently see DK’s by taking you is useless


frequently new tanks will put points in here although a PVP talent. Presently, this really is bugged therefore the worms don’t heal you. But whether it did work correctly they heal for such a percentage as to really make it useless. Also, it appears they take in aoe heals that will have better attended

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